Advanced Measurements

Krypton LEDs on girder web

Krypton K600-DMM

Using high speed and high accuracy linear cameras, the K600 is used to accurately measure the position of static and dynamic targets in 3-D space. Up to 256 light emitting diodes can be used in a volume of up to 17 m3 and a sampling rate of up to 3000 readings per second per diodes.

With an accuracy of approximately 0.02 mm, the K600 is extremely reliable and has been utilized in many projects to accurately capture the deformation behavior of the tested structure. The K600 system has also been utilized in the verification process of the calibration of the small and large Load and Bounday Condition Boxes.

Krypton K600 (PDF)

Computer simulation example of camera arrangement


Using several high-definition digital cameras in conjunction with a developed software tool, the close-range digital photogrammetric system is capable of measuring and constructing points, lines, curves, and surfaces from photographs allowing for 3D modeling of complex features of tested structures.

The system is able to provide the coordinates of an unlimited number of high-contrast targets with extreme accuracy.

PhotoModeler (PDF)

Display of the photoelastic method using GFP 1200

GFP 1200 Grey Field Polariscope

Is a full-field photoelastic strain measurement. At every pixel location in a 480 x 640 pixel image of an epoxy coating that is applied to the surface of the test specimen, the system can measure and create images representing the shear strain on a horizontal orinantation (zero degree) as well as the in-plane shear strain on a 45 degree oriantation. From such information, images describing the first principal strain as well as the maximum in-plane shear and its direction.

Stress Photonics GFP 1200 Grey Field Polariscope (PDF)