C-Shaped Wall #3 Testing is Underway in MUST-SIM

As part of the NEESR Project "Seismic Behavior, Analysis and Design of Complex Wall Systems", headed by PI Laura Lowes and co-PI Dawn Lehman (University of Washington), with local investigator Dan Kuchma (University of Illinois), the MUST-SIM Site is currently testing the third C-shaped wall specimen with a combined axial force, shear force, and moment. By using the LBCB's in mixed-mode control, realistic loading conditions can be precisely applied to the specimen, and advanced instrumentation such as the Nikon K-600 CMM gives an excellent measurement grid used to compare experimental results to computational analyses. This test is the final specimen in the project, which has included seven (7) previous tests in the MUST-SIM facility.

You can watch activity in the MUST-SIM laboratory live by going to the Live Webcam on the NEES@Illinois homepage.

You can find more information regarding the Complex Walls project by going to the Behavior, Analysis and Design of Complex Wall Systems page on the NEEShub

March 8, 2013