Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition 2006

During the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference, April 18-21, 2006 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, four undergraduate students from Georgia Institute of Technology (Andrew Chew, Christopher Putman, Yoseph Gebremariam, and Lynne Schleiffarth) represented the MAE Center at the PEER Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition. The students were required to design and build a balsa wood model of an office building to withstand 3 earthquake ground motions, Elcentro 1908, Northridge 1994, and Kobe 1995, on a shake table.

The models were judged on financial return (usable area and architecture), seismic cost (roof displacement and acceleration), and structural cost (weight of the model). Rules for the competition can be found at http://peer.berkeley.edu/students/competition/SeismicDesignCompetition2006rules.pdf. The MAE Center structure performed very well on the shake table and attracted a large crowd at the conference.

Although the MAE Center team ranked fifth of eight teams, the undergraduate students learned a lot about earthquake engineering and structural engineering project management. Moreover they also had a valuable educational and fun experience at the national conference. A summary of results can be viewed at http://peer.berkeley.edu/students/Seismic.html.

July 1, 2006