MAE Center Launches Field Mission to Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Earthquake

The MAE Center has established contact with a number of colleagues in Indonesia, in academic institutions and government including Indonesian graduate of Illinois (Drs. Dradjat Hoedajanto and Wono Setyabudhi). Professor Jamshid Ghaboussi's PhD student Djoni Sidarta, now working in Houston, helped with communication and will join the MAE Center mission. Dr. Wendy Aritenang, Professor Elnashai's first PhD student from Imperial College, London, is now Deputy Minister of Transportation, and his office is coordinating the activities of the MAE Center mission. Sung Jig Kim and GunJin Yun from the MAE Center and the CEE Department at Illinois, respectively, together with Professor Elnashai and Dr. Sidarta constitute the mission. Other colleagues from Indonesia, e.g. Drs Sadisun, Surono, Setyabudhi and Hoedajanto, have also decided to join the MAE Center team. The MAE Center team is scheduled to depart on 1 July and return on 9 July 2006. A report will be published soon after the mission. Discussion is underway with EERI to explore possibilities of cooperation. For further information, contact Amr Elnashai at

September 15, 2006