Cyber Infrastructure at MUST-SIM

IT Architecture

The MUST-SIM facility has a complete set of computer systems for each of the five test stations. In addition, the site has a set of servers for the data repository as well as systems in the users studio.


The MUST-SIM facility has a built in redundancy with its computer systems.

Shore Western SC6000 ControllerControllers in the large scale facility share hardware with the controllers in the small scale facility
NI-DAQ CardsThe IlliDaq and OM systems share the same I/O card. All of the OM systems have the same D/A card.
Windows ComputersAll of the windows systems used for testing are interchangeable
Linux ServersThe linux servers have identical hardware and RAID drives

Control Software

The MUST-SIM facility maintains a suite of software that enables the researcher to take full advantage of the LBCBs. Here is the list of control software:

UI-SimCorAssist the hybrid test development process from simulation to large scale testing
LBCB Operations ManagerEnable multi-dimensional mixed mode control for a variety of LBCB configurations
LbcbPluginSupport realistic loading protocols that map to simulations as well as field studies. Manage dense instrumentation that maps sensor data to individual nodes of a simulation.

Acquisition Software

The MUST-SIM facility maintains a suite of software that collects synchronized data from a variety of acquisition devices.

IlliDaqMain data visualization application during the test. The user can configure IlliDaq to collect data from a hundreds of channels and create numerous graphs and tables
DaqMetadataTool which converts sensor metadata in a spreadsheet called a sensor database to configuration files for the NI-DAQmx system and the IlliDaq application
IlliKryptonVisualization application for the Krypton systems. The application provides IlliDaq style configurable graphs. It reads data from the Krypton DMM application provides averaging synchronization with the control ramps, and safe archiving.


The MUST-SIM facility offers several options for telepresence.

Media Servers & Webex

The facility's most popular telepresence option is our media servers. These servers broadcast live screens for IlliDaq and the LbcbPlugin systems. The facility establishes a Webex session at the beginning of a test. Test operators are equipped with headsets so that they can communicate with remote researchers. The media screens coupled with the Webex session allows the remote researcher to "check in" on a 10 to 30 hour test and collaborate with the test operators.

FlexTps & RDV

The facility offers FlexTps and RDV by request. FlexTps combines multiple video feeds on one web page. RDV is a application that allows the research to define views of data and video to observe a test.

Data Services

The MUST-SIM facility has a number of ways to deliver test data to the researcher. The facility runs a data repository which host all of the test data. Remote access to this repository is available by request. The facility will also deliver test data to the researcher via external hard drive or by file sharing services such as Dropbox and The facility will package data into MATLAB *.mat file by request. The facility will upload all unprocessed data into the NEES Warehouse.

Software Design

The following documentation describes the design of the MUST-SIM software.